SWMHYMO Patch Installation Instructions


Please be aware that the current version of SWMHYMO can only run in native mode on Windows XP 32 bit and on earlier versions of the Windows operating system.


However, a patch to run SMWHYMO v4.02 on Windows 7 is now available. So far, all of our customers were able to run SWMHYMO v4.02 updated with the patch on Windows 7 Professional 64 bits. Also, please note that occasionally some of our clients have reported further issues with Windows Enterprise. If the solution below does not resolve your issue, please get back to us with the message error encountered at swmhymohelp@jfsa.com.


First, download the installation instructions and the zipped patch file to your computer.


Download SWMHYMO patch installation instructions: SWMHYMO patch installation.pdf

Download SWMHYMO patch for Windows 7: Shymo402.zip


Troubleshoot your SWMHYMO patch installation.