Health and Safety Policy


JFSA is committed to:

  • establishing a healthy and safe workplace for all;
  • integrating health and safety into all workplace activities;
  • establishing, promoting and maintaining an effective occupational health and safety program;
  • abiding by and treating health and safety legislation as a mininmum standard and meeting other applicable standards;
  • providing adequate resources to implement and maintain this policy and the occupational health and safety program; and
  • ensure that JFSA staff consult and co-operate with each other for the effective implementation of this policy.


JFSA is committed to:

  • the regular review and improvement of this policy; and
  • the continual improvement of its occupational health and safety program through the regular monitoring of its effectiveness.


JFSA maintains that employees at all levels are accountable for maintaining a safe workplace by meeting their health and safety responsibilities.  In addition, everyone granted access to the workplace is required to maintain a safe work environment.