Hydraulic engineering and the mechanics of flowing water, whether it is in pipes and piped systems or in open channels, play a vital role in our built and natural environments. Flowing water can also pose challenges. JFSA has the knowledge, strong technical skills and best practices expertise to provide solutions.


JFSA services in hydraulic engineering  include:

  • Open/Closed Conduit Analyses
  • Hydraulic Grade Line Analyses
  • Sewer Surcharge Analyses
  • Combined Sewer Overflows Analyses
  • Infiltration/Inflow Analyses
  • Storm Water Management Ponds Designs
  • Spillways Designs
  • Infrastructure Assessment
  • Flood Line Delineations
  • River, Stream Flow Monitoring
  • Ice Jams & Wave Analyses
  • Bridge Hydraulics Analyses
  • Culvert/Bridge Opening Designs
  • Hydraulic Analyses using Physical Models




Plan view of flood plain delineation with cross sections lines shown

XPSWMM Hydraulic profile of sewer system output image showing Hydraulic Gradient Line (HGL) over time